Exploring data collaboration and it's transformative role in everything from marketing to AI.

Narrative's powerful and intuitive data collaboration platform can make creating next-level digital-out-of-home campaigns fast and easy
At Narrative, we have engineered a state-of-the-art data collaboration platform that leverages the power of data planes to revolutionize how businesses handle information.
Query Builder is an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to simplify the complexities of big data querying for users of all skill levels.
NQL allows users to effortlessly blend their own data with standardized attributes from first-party and third-party sources in a single query.
Intuizi, a leading provider of anonymized first-party consented geo-location data, faced challenges in integrating and maximizing revenue streams from its vast data assets. Narrative streramlined the whole process saving time and money.
The post-cookie world is not a crisis but an opportunity. It pushes us towards more ethical, transparent data practices.
Imagine a world where data from different stages of the manufacturing process can seamlessly interact and inform decisions.
Data interoperability, the seamless integration and exchange of data, is the beacon of a retail renaissance.
The finance industry is on the brink of a revolution not characterized by a single invention but by a paradigm shift in how data is utilized and understood
The dawn of data interoperability promises a revolution of transformation that is set to redefine the very fabric of healthcare delivery and management.
Data interoperability is revolutionizing the modern data ecosystem, enabling a level of collaboration that was once the stuff of science fiction.
Revolutionary trio Narrative, Snowflake & The Trade Desk: Accelerating data flow, eliminating bottlenecks in digital ads.
Narrative Query Language (NQL) and our Rosetta Stone technology is revolutionary technology.
As businesses grapple with intricate data-driven demands, NQL emerges as the solution for data interoperability and standardization.
Narrative's latest, much-anticipated product release - the AI-enabled chat assistant, Rosetta - is poised to revolutionize the realm of data collaboration.
Explore how the C-suite can break down data silos, harness data assets, enhance governance, and foster data literacy.
Finding balance in a data-dominated world - a Product Manager's challenge.
Juggling multifaceted responsibilities as a marketer? Take data complexities off your list. Learn how in our latest blog post.
In-Depth Exploration of Data Acquisition, Normalization, and Cleansing Challenges: A Data Scientist's Detailed Perspective
Data Catalogs: Unlock Superpowers For Your Entire Organization
How data suppliers can leverage data collaboration platforms to maximize the value of their data and meet the demands of data buyers.
Learn what factors contribute to data acquisition costs and effective strategies for reducing them.
Google's latest update makes finding relevant datasets easier than ever. Learn how data providers can benefit and generate passive income with Data Shops.
Data onboarding is the process of transferring your offline customer data into an online platform to use it for targeted advertising and personalization.
A data collaboration platform simplifies, automates, and centralizes the collaboration and sharing of data assets. Learn how you can use them to acquire, distribute, and share data in a faster and easier way.
Data collaboration has the power to bring data together and extract value. Learn what data collaboration is, why it's important, and how you can use it.
Learn what retail media networks are, how they work, and and how retailers can leverage them to drive revenue.
Design your 2023 data monetization strategy to optimize your company’s data investment returns with the help of this quick guide.
Build your best data acquisition strategy for 2023 with this quick and helpful guide.
Different data types play important roles and this quick guide gives examples when and how to use those data types effectively.
With Narrative and The Trade Desk, you can easily and quickly create addressable audiences and deliver them directly to The Trade Desk for advertiser activation.
Dataset Manager is your one stop shop for analyzing and understanding the underlying structure of your data.  
The Harris Poll uses Narrative to match IP addresses with HEMs and MAIDs to establish an identity foundation and improve addressability.
As the US economy enters a precarious future, the world of data is thriving. Learn how can you use this ever-growing data boom to recession-proof your company.
Your data strategy should be as unique as your business. To build a unique and effective data strategy, you should maintain control every step of the way.
In this quick guide, we explain what geofencing is and how your organization can use it to improve marketing and sales, customer experience, and more.
Buyers can now automatically create Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager from data purchased with Narrative.
Learn how the strategic use of internal and external data can improve the financial performance of your company.
Narrative allows IdenX to cherry-pick the data they need from hundreds of billions of raw data points and from multiple suppliers at once.
Buyers can now specify geofenced areas as a requirement for their data purchases through Buyer Studio.
If you're interested in monetizing your company's data but aren't sure how much it's worth, this guide will give you a better understanding of how to measure the key contributing factors.
Users will now be able to see an estimate of the number of rows of data contained within a data stream and find summary statistics for their datasets.
Narrative makes it easy for companies like Froyoo to centralize their data acquisition strategy and scale identity graph creation.
This helpful guide highlights the best methods to drive traffic to your e-commerce data store.
A good product description will make your data products discoverable and enticing to potential buyers. Check out these expert tips, examples, and templates to help you get started.
Narrative's data commerce platform now supports zero cost data streams in its Data Marketplace and third-party Data Shops.
Narrative's Rosetta Stone makes it possible to buy lots of instantly-usable data from numerous suppliers at once. Learn how it works!
In light of changes to policies surrounding women’s reproductive rights, Narrative is removing menstruation and pregnancy tracking app install data from the Marketplace. 
It is becoming a business necessity to share data seamlessly across internal departments. Learn how you can improve data sharing across your organization.
Acquiring the right external data can lead to amazing improvements in growth and productivity. Follow these steps to find and buy the exact data you need to succeed.
The cannabis industry is booming and data is playing a big role in its success. Here are a few ways that data is being used to grow the cannabis industry.
What if the external data you received was already formatted exactly how you need it? Learn how to save your data scientists' time and streamline data wrangling.
To create a profitable data product, you need to give your buyers the information they are actively searching for. Follow these 5 steps to success!
Learn how to use external data to piece together a complete view of your competitors and apply it to your business strategies and missions.
In this guide, we take a deeper look at types of location data, how location data is collected, and how companies can use location data to grow and drive revenue.
Improving audience addressability without third-party cookies can be challenging. Using universal IDs to reach and engage new customers is the future-proof solution.
Reach more customers and grow at a competitive pace when you apply these three data-driven solutions.
Today's most successful brands have the data to power ultra-specific customer experiences. Gain that competitive advantage with a new data enrichment strategy.
The complete guide to weather data, including information on types, attributes, sources, and use cases.
The best way to acquire and distribute quality data assets in an efficient and cost-effective way is through a data commerce platform that operates on these 5 principles.
To build a good SEO strategy for your ecommerce data products, you’ll need to know the basics. Here are 5 fast tips to get your data in front of buyers.
An in-depth walkthrough of how to create a custom data marketplace with Narrative's Data Shops. We'll show you what steps to take to launch an online data sales business.
Introducing Buyer Studio, a self-service, no-code app that enables users to find and buy the precise data they need with just a few clicks.
Learn how to start generating revenue from the data that your organization is already collecting. Start selling your data the right way.
These are the three key ways your organization should be monetizing data in order to drive revenue.
These 6 top data analytics trends are shaping the future of data in 2022 and beyond. Stay ahead of these data trends to ensure your organization continues to thrive in a post-pandemic landscape.
Data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts are all used for storing big data, but they are not interchangeable terms. This crash course on data storage will lay out the definitions and differentiators for these key terms.
Data exchanges are marketplaces stocked with data assets where data providers and data consumers are able to connect and exchange data in a seamless and secure manner.
There are three types of data that are important for a brand's data strategy: first-party data, second-party data, and third-party data. Learn to differentiate, collect, and apply these types of data.
Data Shops is an end-to-end solution for standing up a data business, with tools that make it fast and easy to package, market, sell, and deliver data via a custom-branded e-commerce storefront
These 3 elements help ensure that your data-driven marketing efforts are precise and impactful enough to generate returns.
Universal Onboarding brings a simple, intuitive UI to data onboarding, enabling anyone to activate offline, first-party data in real time.
Narrative’s Touchless PII Hasher lets you quickly and securely transform email addresses into privacy-compliant, sharable identifiers.
Data Streams brings an e-commerce experience to the world of data, and makes buying data fast, transparent, and accessible.
Artificial intelligence and real-time analytics will be the drivers of post-COVID recovery for the retail industry, providing the information needed to restructure inventory and service for an uncertain future.
Before monetizing, data companies need to take a thoughtful approach to understand the size of the opportunity and setting themselves up for success.
Data quality has become increasingly important as companies depend more on data for business outcomes. These three companies are building data quality tools to reduce "garbage in, garbage out."
Enriching customer records with external sources of data gives brands access to new signals and differentiating information.
Data should be able to be found, bought, and sold as easily as digital singles.
With reports, Narrative enables buyers and sellers to fully understand their company’s activity both in the Narrative data marketplace and with direct agreements.
An identity resolution strategy that connects disparate identifiers to persistent customer profiles, an identity graph, is imperative for marketing success
Third-party data is often seen as less precise than first-party data, but it doesn't have to be.
Narrative’s Data Discovery Assistant helps data buyers uncover new features to enrich their data sets and unlock new insights.
Narrative’s CEO, Nick Jordan, discusses his plans for the future of Narrative and the company's potential to revolutionize the data economy.
Learn how companies are leveraging Narrative's Acquire and Distribute platforms to power their data strategies.
Narrative’s CEO, Nick Jordan, discusses what Narrative does and how it’s changing the way data is bought, sold, and distributed.
David Yaffe and Ryan Christensen bring invaluable experience in the world of data, marketplaces, and digital media to the Narrative I/O Board of Directors.
The recent acquisition activity in the data visualization space shows just how important it is for data to be easy to access, render, and activate.
An Introduction to Narrative Engineering
The key to leveraging data for strategic advantage is to acquire, analyze, and implement data before competitors do. This requires an operational efficiency that most companies lack.
The market is hungry for data, but everywhere you look there are potential roadblocks and radical change across the entire ecosystem.
As browsers move to block of third-party cookies, brands must shift strategy.
Buy and selling data has historically been an operational nightmare. We started Narrative to make the data economy more efficient.
Data is now the most valuable resource in the world. How should it be priced?
Improve the efficacy of conquesting campaigns with competitive intelligence data from Narrative.
Successful data strategies are built on efficiency, transparency, and utility and you can never have enough useful and specific data.
There is much discussion about the demise of 3rd party data. All third party data starts off as first-party data and the ecosystem won't die it will evolve
Data is increasingly one of the most valuable resources in nearly every industry. But that doesn’t mean its value is being realized.
Narrative has raised $3M dollars to help them create the Data Streaming Platform category and make the data economy more efficient.
Successful data strategies are built on efficiency, transparency, and utility.
Too much of a data scientist's time is focused on data cleansing, and not enough on the math.
The data acquisition and monetization space is in need of a fresh, creative approach to replace an outmoded process. The first step is to kill the data bake off and replace it to the benefit of both buyers and sellers.
The amount of data in the world today is staggering and companies are eager to take advantage of that data to make strategic decisions, such as who, when and how they market their offerings.
Last week Techcrunch announced that Narrative has raised $2.25 million as part of our seed round.
Last week we had the opportunity to present at AdExchanger’s San Francisco Programmatic IO Event. The topic was how data strategy can be seen through the lens of the prisoner’s dilemma.
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