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Narrative for identity resolution

Build an omnichannel view of the customer

Link disparate identifiers into one comprehensive profile in order to create consistent personalized experiences across channels and devices

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How it works


1. Upload

Onboard customer records from your CRM, DMP, or CDP, to Narrative's data streaming platform.

2. Match

Match your customer data to mobile devices, email hashes, and cookies.

3. Activate 

Customer profiles enriched with new connections will be sent to where your profiles will be activated, such as a DSP or social media ad platform.

Match data between platforms and applications

Often, each touchpoint you have with a customer uses a different identifier, making communication between platforms and applications difficult. Narrative links these identifiers so they can be used across the digital ecosystem, enabling you to create personalized experiences across channels and devices.


Build an identity graph on your own terms

Narrative's data streaming platform is fully transparent, meaning you can ensure the data you're feeding into your graph meets your business's unique standards for quality, trustworthiness, and compliance. With full control over your identity graph, you reduce risk, lower costs, and enable custom strategies.


Why Narrative


Buy data at the individual level based on your exact specifications.


Know exactly from where and how the data was collected.


Access new data types and supply as strategy and business conditions change.


Activate data instantly with automated negotiation, integration, and ETL.

Take control of your identity resolution strategy with Narrative

Learn how Narrative can help you link your customer data and improve the customer experience.

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