Narrative for Advertising & Media

Narrative's Ad Tech solutions empower companies to harness vast-scale data collaboration, driving targeted advertising and maximizing return on ad spend.

Granular Audience Targeting

Utilize Narrative's extensive data to create precise audience segments for hyper-targeted advertising campaigns.

Seamless Data Integration

Effortlessly merge data from various sources to build a more complete picture of customer behavior and preferences.

Real-time Bid Optimization

Optimize programmatic bidding strategies with real-time data analysis for maximum ad performance and efficiency.

Cross-device Attribution

Track customer journeys across multiple devices and platforms, ensuring accurate attribution and measurement.

Data Clean Room Solutions

Leverage secure, privacy-compliant environments to analyze sensitive data and unlock powerful insights.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our platform scales with your data demands, offering the flexibility needed for dynamic ad tech environments.

Unparralelled Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution that is both Scaled & Easy

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