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Data onboarding and activation

Activate your audiences in 15 minutes

Narrative onboards your data and delivers it to activation endpoints in minutes, so you can launch your campaign by EOD, not EOW.

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Eliminate the wait.

Save over a week of cumbersome, manual tasks and onerous delays, and activate your data with just a few clicks.

Give your engineers their time back

Stop wasting time with meticulous file formatting requirements and onerous FTP uploads. Narrative’s no-code platform simplifies the process, so anyone can onboard and activate data, even without technical know-how.


Onboard data on a dime

Don’t blow your budget on data brokers. Narrative’s flexible, usage-based pricing means you'll spend less on onboarding, so you can spend more on results.


Create new audiences with just a few clicks

Execute custom campaigns with ease. Slice and dice your data to create custom segments without SQL.


Instantly deliver your data to The Trade Desk

Activate your audiences on the world's largest independent DSP. Narrative seamlessly integrates with The Trade Desk so you can reach customers across every digital channel and device.

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Activate your audiences the easy way

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