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Say goodbye to data brokers. Narrative is a data streaming platform that enables data owners and users to transparently and efficiently work directly with each other.

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Narrative is the world's #1
data streaming platform

Leading companies use Narrative to fuel cutting-edge data strategies, monetize valuable data assets, and power innovation and growth.

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Get the data you need—and none that you don't

We give you full control of your data strategy by eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions that slow you down, cost you money, and expose you to undue risk.

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Narrative for Data Acquisition

Accelerate your data-driven initiatives

Imagine being able to source, evaluate, buy, process, and activate new data supply in a matter of hours, not months. With Narrative, you can. We bring transparency, automation, and control to the data acquisition process with tools that help you increase speed to market, save money, and reduce risk.

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Narrative for Data Monetization

Unlock the value of your data

Set up and scale your data monetization business without adding headcount. With Narrative, you can access instant demand, streamline distribution, and manage partnerships all in one place.

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