Drive growth with AI-Enabled Data Collaboration

Give your entire organization the power of advanced analytics, effortless management, and unparalleled efficiency with the world's most advanced data collaboration platform.

Trusted by startups and Fortune 500 companies alike

Instantly increase the value of your data

Automated data standardization makes your data interoperable and easier to use for your organization & partners across all ecosystems.

Save massive amounts of time & money

With no-code software and AI assistants to automate mundane, time-intensive tasks, your teams will get back time for more important things.

Clean room equipped for peace of mind

Narrative upholds the highest security standards, ensuring you’re always compliant in an ever-changing landscape.

Easily Scale Up or Down

Easily scale your data operations up or down according to your business needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Enable Real-Time Data Sharing

Facilitate instant data sharing and collaboration, enabling teams to work together in real-time, regardless of their location.

Empower Every User, Any Skill Level

Designed for simplicity, users of all skill levels can navigate and manage data effectively, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Customer Stories

Narrative makes it easy for companies like Froyoo to centralize their data acquisition strategy and scale identity graph creation.
Intuizi, a leading provider of anonymized first-party consented geo-location data, faced challenges in integrating and maximizing revenue streams from its vast data assets. Narrative streramlined the whole process saving time and money.
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