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Data clean room

Secure your data without compromising its power

Get the most out of your data while keeping it safe and secure with Narrative's easy-to-use and cloud-agnostic data clean room technology.

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Extend your clean room capabilities

Narrative seamlessly integrates with existing data clean room solutions, providing a secure and efficient way to synthesize your first-party data with multiple second- and third-party sources in one place. Get maximum value from your data while maintaining the highest levels of security.


Encrypted and under your control

Our platform uses the latest encryption algorithms to keep your data secure at all times. You retain complete control over access provisioning, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your data.


Customize your data to fit your needs

Your data is unique and can be leveraged in countless ways. With Narrative, you can slice, dice, aggregate, and anonymize data at the record level, allowing you to share your data in the exact form you need, without losing any of its power or value.


Built for business users

Self-service tools make it easy for anyone in the organization to set up a data clean room without sacrificing any of the customization or security capabilities. No technical knowledge is required – simply use our intuitive interface to get started.

Cloud agnostic

Works well with others

Narrative is cloud agnostic, allowing you to seamlessly create and access data clean rooms on any cloud platform, including AWS and GCP. This gives you the flexibility to leverage the power of data clean rooms dynamically and on-demand.


All of this power. Without code or engineers.

These no-code apps can get you up & running now.

Dataset Manager

Dataset Manager

Your time is valuable—don’t waste it wrangling and formatting data. Just upload your data, and Dataset Manager will infer schemas, generate metadata, and standardize your datasets automatically.

Seller Studio

Seller Studio

This is where the magic happens. Create custom data products, set prices, access rules, and licensing terms, and run reports and forecasts, all in one place.

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