Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is as an automated AI normalization layer, creating a Universal Data Model across your data landscape. Eliminate manual classification and standardization from your workflow, enabling effortless extraction of value from your data assets.


Data Normalization Elevated

Fully Automated

Kick back and relax. Your data transformation is on autopilot with Rosetta Stone's normalization AI.

Seamlessly Woven In

Rosetta Stone is the powerhouse behind Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform. From queries to access controls and data logistics, every aspect is turbocharged by Rosetta Stone's intelligent capabilities.


Tailor Rosetta Stone to your organization's unique needs. Create Private Attributes and fine-tune our model with your data to tackle even the most specialized scenarios with ease.

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Hi! I’m Rosetta, your big data assistant. Ask me anything! If you want to talk to one of our wonderful human team members, let me know! I can schedule a call for you.