Rosetta AI Assistant

From tedious tasks to advanced queries, Rosetta is a powerful partner to have for fast and effective data collaboration.

Buy 3rd party data

Access extensive third-party data with a simple request. Whether you're seeking purchase trends or any other niche, Rosetta can forecast and find the data you need fast.

Create audiences

Go beyond mere filtering and craft audiences with surgical precision. Request an audience, and watch as Rosetta refines your data, identifying key segments and sets the stage for personalized engagement.

Build taxonomies

Streamline your marketing with Rosetta's taxonomy creation. From CRM files to comprehensive categories, Rosetta can deliver structured data ready for platforms like The Trade Desk.

Suggest strategies

Tell Rosetta what you're trying to accomplish and she can suggest strategies to help you get there using the Narrative Data Collaboration Platform.

Tactical Execution

Rosetta can help you execute your data collaboration strategies. Tell her the tasks you need her to perform. She has access to all of Narrative's APIs to get the job done for you.

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Hi! I’m Rosetta, your big data assistant. Ask me anything! If you want to talk to one of our wonderful human team members, let me know! I can schedule a call for you.