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Narrative for competitive intelligence

Develop a 360° view of your customer

Get a clear picture of what your customers are doing when they aren't engaging with your brand. Use these insights to understand share-of-mind, prevent churn, and meet your customer's needs.

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Develop a 360° customer view

It’s impossible to run your company if you don’t know who your customers are. Demographics being the fundamental description of your customer, are key to that understanding. Narrative makes it easy to enrich and push the resulting data into your existing systems.


Don't worry, it's easy

We're already integrated with many of the top customer platforms meaning that this whole process is point-and-click. Even if we aren't integrated with your preferred system, we'll take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on the things that matter to you most.


How it works


1. Import your customers

Select existing customer records that you would like to import from your CRM, DMP, or CDP and push them to Narrative's data collaboration platform.


2. Select your competitors

Select the companies or behaviors that you'd most like to understand in relation to the customers that you've selected.


3. Export data

Find the precise information you're looking for and push it back into your customer platform. Your customer records are now enriched with new information.

Why Narrative



Buy data at the individual level based on your exact specifications.



Know exactly from where and how the data was collected.



Access new data types and supply as strategy and business conditions change.



Activate data instantly with automated negotiation, integration, and ETL.

Improve your competitive intelligence with Narrative

Learn how Narrative can help you better understand your customers' behaviors.

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