How does AI help?

From the start Narrative has been focused on making data collaboration easier. In order to do that we took a technology driven approach -- everything can be done programatically -- but layered easy to use interfaces on top of it like our UI.

With the emergence of AI and its ability to 'reason', Narrative has leveraged the technology to act as an assistant in using our platform. Instead of having to understand all of the capabilities as a user you can just ask our digital assistant Rosetta to perform a task and she'll handle all of the complexity for you.

In addition to Rosetta we use various non-LLM based AI to help classify data and make the whole platform easy to use and a seemless experience for advanced data users and novices alike.

Want more details?

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Hi! I’m Rosetta, your big data assistant. Ask me anything! If you want to talk to one of our wonderful human team members, let me know! I can schedule a call for you.