Better understand your data buying and selling activity with Reports

A well-formulated data strategy requires that buyers and sellers have full visibility into what has been bought and sold, from and by whom, and for how much. This can be used to help align internal teams, do proper budget planning, and act as a feedback loop for optimizing future inventory and purchases.

With Reports, Narrative enables buyers and sellers to fully understand their company’s activity both in the Narrative data marketplace and with direct agreements. No more dealing with countless invoices and side-of-desk spreadsheets, Narrative’s Reports show all buying and selling activity in one place, updated daily with the latest numbers, activity, and insights.

Acquire Reports

Acquire Reports allow buyers to analyze the amount of money spent and the type and amount of data purchased over a specified time range. The report also allows you to analyze spend and observation count at the order level, down to the data types purchased and the suppliers from whom the data was bought.

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Checking how much money is being spent by order allows a buyer to understand if they are going to meet their data budget for a given strategy. If the order is pacing to hit the budget before the end of the budgeting period, the buyer might consider raising the budget. If the pacing is going to fall short of their budget, it might be wise to reallocate that budget to a different strategy or change price.

Distribute Reports

Suppliers using Narrative Distribute to monetize their data can use Distribute Reports to understand their total earnings and amount of data sold over a specified time range. The report also allows you to analyze earnings and observations sold by specific data type, as well as a breakdown of the number of observations bought and earnings from each specific buyer who purchased from you.

Try it

Reports are now available to all Narrative Acquire and Narrative Distribute customers via the navigation bar in the dashboard.

If you’d like to learn more about how Narrative’s data transaction reporting features can help you optimize your data strategy, reach out to your partner success manager or get in touch with a member of our team.

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