The Future of Identity Graphs

Empowering Identity Graphs with Narrative

The current addressability ecosystem is fluid, and crowded. In many cases, regardless if you’re a brand or publisher, there is not a single ID solution that can meet all of your audience needs. Managing identity graphs requires a robust, flexible platform capable of adapting to the disappearance of traditional cookies and the rise of multiple ID providers. Narrative’s data collaboration platform offers a solution that transcends conventional limitations through its ID-agnostic approach and global capabilities.

ID Agnosticism and Universal Support

Narrative is designed to support a wide array of universal identifiers like UID2, ID5, and others, allowing companies to leverage multiple ID providers simultaneously. This ID-agnostic approach ensures that businesses can maintain flexibility in their identity graph strategies, adapting to new standards and practices without being tethered to a single ID source.

Customizable Identity Graph Construction

Narrative empowers companies to construct and customize their own identity graphs through a transparent, user-controlled environment. Users can fine-tune their data acquisition strategies, selecting between probabilistic and deterministic signals, and setting precise rules, such as specific MAID to IP pairings over determined intervals.

Global Scale and Operational Flexibility

The platform’s global reach enables companies to seamlessly construct and manage identity graphs across multiple countries with the same ease as local operations. This is facilitated by Narrative’s advanced filtering systems, which allow for dynamic adjustments in response to changes in operational scopes or data needs.

Multi-Supplier and Multi-Country Integration

Collaborating with Narrative, the audience expansion business seamlessly integrated data from over 70 suppliers across regions including North & South America, EU, APAC, and LATAM. This vast integration showcased Narrative's capability to handle complex, large-scale operations with ease, managing identity and CTV graphs crucial for their expansive global audience network.

Leveraging Probabilistic and Deterministic Data

The business leveraged both probabilistic and deterministic data sourced intelligently from numerous providers globally through Narrative. This included hashed emails (HEMs), Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs), CTV, and IP data, which were essential in enhancing the accuracy and reach of their identity graphs.

Dynamic and Real-Time Data Management

Using Narrative, the audience extension business dynamically adjusted its criteria based on real-time operational needs, such as budget adjustments and storage space. They were able to define custom output schemas that aligned with their data ingestion systems, accommodating the seamless integration of new data types and sources.

Advanced Data Crosswalking and Automatic Integration

Narrative’s platform facilitated the crosswalking of the company’s graph, enabling greater collaboration across disparate data providers and schemas. The Narrative ID pseudonymous crosswalk identifier ensures privacy while allowing seamless integration and interoperability of various data sets across platforms, enhancing data usability and insights.

Summary Of Benefits

Speed to Market & Reduced Risk streamlines operations, consolidating interactions with numerous suppliers into a coherent framework that reduces operational risk and accelerates time to market.

No Black Box ID Graph

Companies maintain control over their identity graphs by employing their custom logic, ensuring transparency and adaptability to changing market conditions.

Non-movement of Client Data

Deploy Narrative anywhere your data resides, ensuring compliance with data sovereignty laws and reducing latency in data access and processing.

Rosetta Stone AI Layer

Narrative's Rosetta Stone AI layer makes it seamless to work across many providers, all sharing their data in disparate formats and schema, thus simplifying the integration and utilization of diverse data sources.

Narrative’s platform showcases not just the capability to handle complex identity graph requirements on a global scale but also the ease with which companies can manage these needs. The case of the audience extension business underscores the platform's ability to reduce complexity and enhance operational efficiency, proving that Narrative is not just a tool but a transformative force in the realm of digital identity management. This blend of advanced technology and user-centric design makes Narrative a critical asset for any company looking to innovate within the identity graph space.

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