Matt Linehan

Matt Linehan

Matt Linehan

Matt Linehan is an accomplished Product Manager at Narrative I/O, renowned for his innovative approach to data collaboration and his pivotal role in developing transformative data solutions. Based in New York City, Matt's journey in product management is underscored by his contributions to the field of data technology and collaboration platforms. With an academic foundation from the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Matt's university life was rich with engagement in activities such as the UPenn Sailing Team, the Club Lacrosse Team, the Sports Analytics Club, and the Investment Alliance.

As a co-founder of the Boost Innovation Company, Matt demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the tech landscape. This venture underscored his ability to innovate and execute with precision, traits that have become hallmarks of his professional persona.

In his current role at Narrative I/O, Matt has quickly ascended from Product Manager to Product Manager II, a testament to his impactful contributions and leadership within the company. His work has been instrumental in the development and promotion of NQL (Narrative Query Language), significantly simplifying SQL processes and enhancing data collaboration capabilities. Additionally, Matt has played a crucial role in fostering partnerships, such as the transformative collaboration between Narrative I/O and Snowflake, to syndicate data directly to The Trade Desk. This partnership is revolutionizing data-driven digital media campaigns by ensuring efficiency, affordability, and a strong commitment to privacy.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Matt is deeply committed to volunteering, as evidenced by his long-term involvement with Habitat for Humanity and Sailing with Disabilities. These experiences reflect his compassionate nature and a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Matt Linehan's career trajectory, marked by innovation, leadership, and a profound commitment to community service, positions him as a rising star in the realm of data technology and product management. His work at Narrative I/O and beyond exemplifies the power of leveraging technology to drive forward-thinking solutions and create meaningful change.

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