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Get the data you need, and nothing you don't

Buyer Studio takes the complexity out of buying data while leaving you in control

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The data you want

With trillions of data points from over 50 suppliers and counting, we have all the data you want, all in one place.

When you want it

Sourcing and integrating new data suppliers usually takes months. With Buyer Studio, you can find,  buy, and activate any data from any supplier in less than 24 hours.

How you want it

Buyer Studio puts you in control. You decide what you're buying, who you're buying it from, and how much you're going to spend.

How it works
Select your data

Find the specific data you're looking for

Buy your data

Place your order and receive your data

Manage it all in one place

Stay on top of your data purchases

Select your data

Choose the attributes you want and filter out everything you don’t.

  • Select from a variety of data types, including geolocation, demographic, identity and more
  • Access data from 50+ suppliers all in one place
  • Use filters to refine your selection to only the precise observations you need

Buy your data

Place your order, then sit back and relax—you’ll get your data by tomorrow morning.

  • Set a budget to keep your spending on track
  • Automatic deduplication ensures you never pay for the same data point more than once
  • Narrative does all the processing, so your engineers can focus on more important tasks

Manage it all in one place

Buyer Studio is your data acquisition system of—stay on top of all of your data purchases and centrally track your spend.

  • See transaction history
  • Manage subscription cadence—receive new data every day, every week, or every month
  • Connect with other platforms for direct data delivery

Buy data the easier way with Narrative.

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