Scott Bender

Scott Bender

VP, Media & Advertising

Scott is an experienced sales leader with a strong background in both national and global markets, blending his knowledge of media with ad technology skills. His areas of expertise include data, video, programmatic, and cross-platform sales, with a proven track record in leading national digital sales teams and showcasing strategic thinking in the digital field.

Currently, as the Vice President of Media & Advertising at Narrative I/O, Scott plays a key role in leading the company's GTM efforts in the data collaboration space.

Prior to Narrative I/O, Scott was a Partner and Global Head of Client Strategy at AdTech advisory, Prohaska Consulting, where he provided strategic guidance to publishers, agencies, brands, and ad tech companies. His work included developing GTM strategies and initiatives for publishers and brands in the programmatic and technology sectors. Scott also held revenue leadership positions at News Corp, and Turner Broadcasting.

He holds a Juris Doctor, and B.A. in Advertising, from Michigan State University

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