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Understanding Data Sharing with the Narrative Control Plane

Understanding Data Sharing with the Narrative Control Plane

In our commitment to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience, we occasionally request permission from our users to share sample data with the Narrative Control Plane. This article aims to demystify the reasons behind this request, assure you of the security measures in place, and explain the implications of your choice.

Why Share Sample Data?

As a general rule data stays within the customers Data Plane of choice. There are use cases for sharing a small amount of that data with the Narrative Control Plane. We know that data movement is sensetive so we will never do this without your express permission. Here are some reasons why sharing sample data with the Narrative Control Plane is beneficial:

Improving Inference Accuracy

By sharing sample data, you contribute to the enhancement of our Rosetta Stone model. This model is pivotal in understanding diverse data sets, ensuring that our platform can accurately interpret and manage your information.

Enhancing User Experience

Sample data in the UI allows users to see real-world applications of how data is processed and interpreted. This practical demonstration helps in understanding the platform's capabilities and ensures that you can fully leverage its features.

Security and Privacy

We understand the importance of data security and privacy. Here’s why sharing sample data with us should not be a cause for concern:

  • Strict Governance: Shared data is governed by stringent protocols to ensure it is used solely for the purpose of improving the platform's functionality.
  • Limited Scope: Only a minimal and necessary subset of the data is requested for sharing, reducing any potential privacy risks. As few as 1000 records may be sufficient for our purposes.

What If You Choose Not To Share?

Choosing not to share sample data is entirely within your rights and will not affect your basic use of the platform. However, it may limit the extent to which your experience can be personalized and optimized. Without sample data, the following might occur:

  • No Automated Dataset Mappings: If you choose to not share the data, Rosetta Stone will not be able to automatically map your datasets to attributes. This may require manual intervention to map your data to the platform's schema.
  • UI Limitations: Your users will not be able to see sample data in our UI (or API) to understand what the data looks like. A common task for anyone working with data is to understand what the data looks like and how it is structured. Without sample data, this task becomes more difficult.


Sharing sample data with the Narrative Control Plane is a voluntary action that plays a crucial role in enhancing the platform's performance and your user experience. With robust security measures in place, your data's integrity and privacy remain our top priority.

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