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What is a Data Plane?

What is a Data Plane?

The Data Plane is a fundamental component of Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform, focusing on where the data resides and is processed. It complements the Control Plane by handling the actual data that flows through the system.

Key Features of the Data Plane

  • Data Hosting and Processing: The Data Plane is responsible for storing and processing data. It ensures efficient data handling and operational performance.
  • Flexible Hosting Options: While Narrative can host the Data Plane, customers also have the option to host it on their preferred platforms, such as AWS, Snowflake, etc.
  • Scalability and Performance: Designed for high scalability, the Data Plane can handle vast amounts of data and complex processing tasks, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Security and Compliance: Alongside the Control Plane, the Data Plane also adheres to stringent security protocols and compliance standards to protect data integrity.
  • Integration and Accessibility: It facilitates seamless integration with various data sources and platforms, ensuring easy access and manipulation of data.

Hosting Options

  • Narrative Hosting: Narrative offers hosting services for the Data Plane, providing a streamlined and integrated experience.
  • Customer Hosting: Customers can choose to host the Data Plane on their infrastructure, such as AWS or Snowflake, offering flexibility and control over their data environment.

Viewing and Managing Data Planes

The Data Plane can be viewed and managed through the Narrative platform. To see the active data planes for your account visit the Data Planes page under "My Data".


The Data Plane is a critical component of Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform, offering robust data storage and processing capabilities. Its flexibility in hosting options and commitment to security and performance make it an essential tool for effective data collaboration.

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