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Multi-Data Plane Queries Not Supported


NQL queries cannot be run across multiple data planes. This is a known limitation of the NQL language.

Why is this a limitation?

NQL queries currently can only be executed on a single data plane. A data plane is a hosted environment where data lives. Separate data planes give customers to better control their data and how it is accessed. For example, a customer may have a data plane for their own data and a separate data plane for data they have purchased from a third party. This separation of data is a key security feature of the Narrative platform.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Verify Data Location: If you are receiving this error, it is likely that you are attempting to run a query across multiple data planes. Verify that all data referenced in your query is located in the same data plane.
  • Modify Query: If you are unable to modify your data location, you will need to modify your query to only reference data in a single data plane.
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