Seth Shapiro

Seth Shapiro

Seth Shapiro

Seth Shapiro is a dynamic and seasoned Senior Director of Business Operations at Narrative I/O, where he plays a crucial role in steering the company's strategic operations and ensuring business efficiency and growth. With an impressive career spanning over a decade, Seth has demonstrated exceptional expertise in business operations, market research, and operational leadership. Based in the United States, Seth has fostered a strong professional network, evidenced by his 143 connections and active engagement in the industry.

Seth's journey at Narrative I/O is marked by rapid progression and significant contributions to the company's operational excellence. Starting as a Business Operations Manager, he quickly ascended to Director of Business Operations, before being promoted to Senior Director. Throughout his tenure, Seth has been instrumental in optimizing business processes, implementing strategic initiatives, and driving Narrative I/O's mission forward. His work spans various critical areas, including data collaboration innovations such as the Narrative Query Language (NQL) and partnerships aimed at enhancing data-driven digital media campaigns.

Parallel to his commitment at Narrative I/O, Seth has engaged in freelance market research, focusing on building databases of media outlets in Europe and analyzing the implications of EU copyright reform. This endeavor underscores his analytical prowess and deep understanding of the media landscape, further enriching his role at Narrative I/O.

Before joining the tech and data collaboration sphere, Seth honed his operational and customer service skills in the hospitality industry. Notably, he served as a Head Server at Lilia in Brooklyn, NY, where under the leadership of Chef Missy Robbins, the restaurant received three stars from The New York Times and accolades from the James Beard Foundation. His experience in high-stakes, fast-paced environments has undoubtedly contributed to his robust operational management skills.

Seth's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his venture as Producer and Owner of Hits Lemons Productions, showcasing his ability to lead, innovate, and manage projects successfully. His diverse experience across different sectors has equipped him with a unique skill set, making him an invaluable asset to Narrative I/O's leadership team.

Educated at the University of Pennsylvania, Seth's academic background has provided him with a solid foundation in analytical thinking, strategic planning, and leadership. His career journey exemplifies a blend of operational excellence, strategic insight, and a commitment to innovation, contributing significantly to Narrative I/O's position as a leader in the data collaboration industry. Seth's leadership and operational acumen continue to drive efficiency, innovation, and strategic growth at Narrative I/O.

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