How Intuizi Expanded Market Reach and Boosted Efficiency with Narrative

Narrative’s revolutionary AI-driven platform transformed Intuizi’s approach to data collaboration and monetization, enabling seamless integrations and revenue stream management.

The challenge

Intuizi, a leader in providing anonymized first-party consented geo-location data, faced significant challenges in integrating and maximizing revenue from its extensive data assets. The integration process with multiple platforms was resource-intensive, involving legal and business complexities. Managing various revenue streams was cumbersome, and capitalizing on these streams required substantial engineering efforts. Additionally, establishing effective distribution channels was complex, limiting the potential for data monetization and market expansion.

The solution

Narrative’s Data Collaboration Platform introduced an array of solutions for Intuizi. The platform’s Direct Connector Framework allowed for seamless data transmission to The Trade Desk. AI-Powered Segmentation automated the segmentation of raw data, and the Efficient UID2.0 Conversion streamlined conversion processes. The Marketplace Endpoint enabled Intuizi to offer its data as an additional revenue stream with no extra storage or processing requirements. Data Cleaning and Standardization ensured consistent quality before delivery, while Audience Building and Data Transfer simplified the creation and distribution of data sets to customers.

The results

The implementation of Narrative’s platform significantly enhanced Intuizi’s operations and outcomes. Revenue grew by 30% through direct connections to The Trade Desk, sidestepping traditional ad tech intermediaries. Intuizi’s market presence expanded, attracting Fortune 500 companies and broadening its client base both within and beyond Narrative’s marketplace. The reduced need for engineering resources allowed Intuizi to concentrate on core business strategies, opening up new market and client segment opportunities.

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