The Trade Desk Connector

Onboard and activate first and third-party segments in minutes with The Trade Desk and Narrative.

Match Offline Data

With Unifed ID 2.0 you get high match rates and low costs

Create Audiences

Create and enrich targetable audience segments with just a few clicks

Activate Data

Deliver data to first-party, third-party syndicated, and third-party custom endpoints in minutes

About The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is the world’s largest independent demand-side platform. Advertisers use The Trade Desk’s platform to run targeted, data-driven digital advertising campaigns across media channels. Data providers can supply additional information and insights to advertisers using The Trade Desk to enable them to fine-tune their targeting of potential customers.

The Trade Desk and Narrative

With The Trade Desk and Narrative, you can easily onboard your audience data to The Trade Desk for activation. In addition to seamless onboarding and delivery, you can leverage Narrative to enrich your data with new attributes from third-party providers, create custom audience segments without code, and manage your commercial agreements all in one place. By using this integration, you’ll cut out unnecessary and expensive extra steps, saving time and resources while your data generates a new stream of revenue

Its So Easy

You can be up and running in minutes

Use Cases

Audience Activation

Create audiences for you or your agency to use in the Trade Desk for high performance marketing

Data Monetization

Build and manage a third party data monetization business w/ease

Data Sharing

Compose bespoke audiences for your partners

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