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Overview of Snowflake Native App

Narrative Data Collaboration powered by Rosetta Stone Snowflake Native App

The Narrative Data Collaboration powered by Rosetta Stone Snowflake Native App offers a seamless integration for customers looking to enhance their data collaboration efforts. This powerful tool allows users to directly connect their Snowflake account to the Narrative platform, enabling the registration of one or more Snowflake databases as Datasets within Narrative.

Alpha Available Now!

The Narrative Snowflake Native App is now available in Alpha. To request to participate, please reach out to your Narrative Account Manager and include your Snowflake Account Identifier (Region and Account ID).

Key Features

  • Direct Snowflake Integration: Easily connect your Snowflake account to the Narrative platform and start collaborating on your data in no time.
  • Dataset Registration: Register one or more of your Snowflake databases as datasets in Narrative, simplifying your data management and analysis processes.
  • Automatic Data Plane Creation: Upon successful connection, Narrative will automatically create a new Data Plane in your account, representing your Snowflake connection. This dedicated Data Plane ensures that any query executed against your dataset is performed within your Snowflake account, maintaining data security and integrity.
  • Connector Framework Access: Users of the Snowflake native app can query their data and have it delivered downstream to valuable endpoints such as The Trade Desk Data Marketplace and Facebook Ad Manager.


  • Enhanced Data Collaboration: Facilitate better teamwork and data sharing among your team members, leveraging the robust features of Snowflake and Narrative.
  • Streamlined Data Processes: With the direct connection between Snowflake and Narrative, streamline your data processes and reduce the time spent on data preparation and analysis.
  • Secure Data Handling: Ensure the security and privacy of your data with the dedicated Data Plane, where all queries are executed within your own Snowflake account.

For more detailed information on Data Planes and how they enhance your data collaboration experience, please refer to our Data Planes knowledge base article.

Installing the Snowflake Native App

For a comprehensive guide on installing and configuring the "Narrative Data Collaboration powered by Rosetta Stone" application within the Snowflake Marketplace, see Installing the Snowflake Native App. Note that you must have the ACCOUNTADMIN role or equivalent privileges in Snowflake to install this Snowflake Native App. However, this installation and configuration step is generally a one-time setup step, required to allow users to interact with data stored in the Snowflake Data Plane from the Narrative platform.

For further assistance or if you have any questions regarding the Narrative Data Collaboration powered by Rosetta Stone Snowflake Native App, please contact our support team.

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