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How to Get Started with Narrative’s Facebook Connector


The Facebook Connector on the Narrative platform offers a seamless way for users to push data directly to Facebook's Custom Ad Audience feature. This guide walks you through the setup process, enabling you to target individuals directly from your Facebook account similar to the ease of use found with the S3 connector.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Step 1: Register an Account with Narrative
First, create an account on Narrative by visiting and clicking "Register". Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration.

Step 2: Install the Facebook Connector App
Navigate to the "Apps" section within your account at and install the Facebook Connector App.

Step 3: Create a New Profile
After installation, click "New Profile" and authenticate your Facebook account by selecting "Login with Facebook". Ensure the correct Facebook user is associated with the account before proceeding.

Step 4: Adding the Correct Facebook Permissions
Confirm the correct user is linked and provide Narrative with ads_management, business_management, and public_profile permissions for effective audience writing.

Step 5: Select the Facebook Ad Account
Choose the appropriate Facebook Ad Account intended for audience reception. Setup custom audiences in Facebook Business Media if not done previously.

Step 6: Add a Profile Name and Description
Identify your audience with a unique profile name and description.

Step 7: Activate the Profile
Activate your profile to start sending audiences to the selected account.

Step 8: Purchase Data
With the setup complete, purchase the required data. The Facebook Connector will be available as a "Destination" in the Buyer Studio or when creating a new Data Stream subscription.


Setting up the Facebook Connector on the Narrative platform allows for direct data push to Facebook Custom Ad Audiences, streamlining your marketing campaign efforts. Remember, the connector is designed for new audience creation and supports specific data types for Buyer Studio orders, with a delivery cap of under 100 million rows.

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