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How Security and Privacy Works


Security at Narrative is designed to protect your data from unauthorized access, ensuring it remains confidential, integral, and available only to the right entities. Our commitment to security is demonstrated by our SOC 2 compliance, a certification awarded by an independent auditor confirming that we meet high security standards.

We employ a comprehensive set of security policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed and updated. These policies include procedures for identifying and addressing potential security weaknesses through regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Moreover, all data, whether 'At-Rest' or 'In-Transit', is encrypted using industry-accepted algorithms, providing an additional layer of security.

Our security approach is proactive, with continuous monitoring of our systems to detect any potential threats. Access to our systems is tightly controlled, with employees only granted access to necessary systems based on their roles. Further, independent third-party audits are conducted annually to ensure our security measures remain effective.

Narrative Privacy

Privacy at Narrative involves the careful handling of Personal Information to respect your right to control who has access to your data and how it's used. We abide by our Privacy Policy, which outlines our practices regarding the collection and usage of your personal information.

Creating an account on the platform requires some personally identifiable information. We also collect additional data such as browser information, IP address, and site visit history. This information is used to personalize your experience and improve the services we provide.

Privacy Request Management on Narrative's Platform

Privacy Request Management in Narrative's Data Collaboration simplifies handling Data Subject Requests (DSRs). As a data controller, you can swiftly manage requests ranging from opt-outs to complete data erasure.

Narrative, as a data processor and service provider, assists you in fulfilling these obligations. When a privacy request is received, our platform ensures the data subject's information is no longer transactable and notifies any related parties to maintain compliance.

As a data owner, you simply update your "Privacy Request Identifier Dataset" with the data subject's identifier and request type upon receiving a privacy request. For data subscribers, you're automatically subscribed to The Data Privacy Request Identifier Attribute which filters for relevant privacy requests making compliance with privacy laws efficient and secure.


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