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How Narrative Works


Narrative is a new type of data platform that allows you to process, store and transfer data across company accounts without any of the usual legal/financial blockers or heavy technical integrations. We make it easy to query your data, or other company’s data, to find the rows you’re looking for without paying for the ones you’re not. This article explains the benefits of using Narrative to find data, any type of data, to solve your problem.


Datasets: A dataset is a system of record for any row of data that is ingressed, egressed, or aggregated through Narrative’s pipes. Datasets are identifiable by their unique identifiers and a unique name or "slug" that is unique within the Company's namespace. Datasets define the schema of the underlying data contained within the dataset. Schemas are immutable.

Queries: A query defines a set of parameters when searching for specific rows of data across one or more datasets.

Access Rules: An access rule is a query that defines which companies can view your data and at what price.

Subscriptions - A subscription creates a new dataset based on the parameters defined in a query and the access rules that gave you permission to view each row. Subscriptions include metadata on the row level that define where that row originated from, how much you paid for it, and which supplier’s access rule gave you permission.

Connectors: A connector is an endpoint that allows a company to ingress or egress datasets into and out of Narrative’s ecosystem. Connectors come in many flavors including, but not limited to, cloud storage data warehouses, third party marketplaces, and activation platforms.

Attributes: (Rosetta Stone) Rosetta Stone is Narrative’s patented technology that translates desperate dataset schemas and values into one normalized and validated Narrative data catalog called attributes.


Supplier: A supplier is a company looking to monetize their data through Narrative and/or a third party marketplace.

Consumer: A consumer is a company looking to purchase or enrich data in Narrative’s marketplace.

Destination: A destination is a company that is integrated into Narrative’s ecosystem through one or more connectors.

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