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How can I use mobile digital consumption data effectively?


GameApp recently launched their new application but have not had a lot of success driving downloads. They have used pre-packaged device audiences in the past, including segments like Avid Mobile Phone GamerTech Lifestyle, and Millennials for digital marketing to find new users and promote their app, but results have been below expectations. GameApp has turned to Narrative to help them navigate the crowded data space and make smarter decisions with the data they buy.

Their only 1st party data is a list of MAIDs who are active users on the app. They want to have a better understanding of their active users as well as try and find devices that have uninstalled their app recently to reengage through digital marketing efforts. GameApp has also asked Narrative to deploy some additional tactics to find mobile devices that would make sense to replace some of the past audiences they have used, like Avid Mobile Phone Gamer.

Narrative Solution

By tapping into digital consumption data like app installs & purchases

  • Active Users - GameApp brings their 1st party data into Narrative, allowing them to enhance this list of MAIDs with Age & Gender data to help them better understand their core customer base and create their own Millennial audiences from raw data, rather than using a pre-defined segment
  • Uninstalled Devices - using digital consumption data, GameApp can buy all MAIDs that have uninstalled their app within a recency window. This list can also be enhanced with Age & Gender data to compare differences between active & uninstalled devices.
  • Avid Mobile Phone Gamer - GameApp has tried using pre-made segments in the past, but lack of transparency to what data was used to create these has been an issue. Using Narrative, GameApp can choose how they want to define what an avid mobile phone gamer is.
    • Using a list of competitor app IDs, GameApp is able to buy MAIDs that have specific digital consumption behaviors
    • Buy MAIDs that have made an in-app purchase three times in the past 45 days on a competitor app
    • Most Apps Present - GameApp buys all MAIDs in the past 90 days with app-present data (MAID <> App_Present), allowing them to see which MAIDs have which apps on their phone. By deduplicating against App_Present data point, GameApp will buy the same MAID each time it has a unique app present. This allows them to understand which MAIDs have the most or least apps on their phone, and what types of apps these may be (avid gamer versus avid reader)
  • With integrations to Social Platforms like Facebook, Narrative allows buyers to push their data directly into their social accounts to activate digital media campaigns against


Using Narrative' Collaboration Platform, GameApp can deploy multiple strategies using different data points to buy the data points that are most valuable to them. From these decisions, they can create their own segments of data to better understand & reach their core customer base.

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