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Demographic enrichment


Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform powers enrichment of client and brand data through a variety of attributes. A common data point for enrichment is age and gender, particularly when a brand does not have sufficient information on their client base.

A brand who has a more granular comprehension of their customers, can use this data for better targeting and analytics within performance media, attribution, and overall insights.

Client Challenges

Brands often lack a baseline understanding of what their existing customers look like. Email, newsletter or mobile signups, for example, allow brands to capture their users, but can still be missing important data about the customers themselves. Understanding age and gender against a customer list provides instant value to an existing customer base.

The traditional industry approach for buying data, whether for enhancement or targeting, is through black box 3rd party audience segments that lack transparency and increase ad spend by using a CPM per-use model. Specifically for age, this typically results in using bucketed segments like 25-34 or 35-44 rather than the ability and understanding of a single age assigned to a single user.

The Narrative Advantage

Narrative provides direct access to an extensive marketplace of raw demographic data providers and software that automates the entire process of acquiring data, helping you increase speed to market, save money, and reduce risk.

Given age is in its raw form, this allows brands to buy standalone age data that is assigned to a single user. This gives them ability to sort and use their customer lists in their own buckets or tiers.

Through an omni use license, clients can use the data in multiple facets and move away from the typical pay-per-use model that larger DMPs use. Specifically for age & gender, this means your list of customers can be enriched just once through Narrative and then leveraged across other platforms and products. This allows brands to use the enriched data for internal analysis, activation, and more.

Use Case

Gaming App X is the new hot app on the market. They have over 2 million downloads worldwide of their addicting puzzle game in just 4 months.

With this quickly increasing user base, they want to better understand who their core audience is to effectively target media to the right people. Due to the category of the app, they can not collect additional data on their users like age or gender, as it's not required to use the app in any way.

They have turned to Narrative to enhance their seed dataset of mobile users with age & gender data. Additionally, they want to send any incremental users who have signed up at the beginning of each month to ensure they are enhancing all new users of the app.

  1. Narrative uses Gaming App X's seed dataset of 2 million users and matches these MAIDs with age & gender data across all available suppliers
  2. Gaming App X will send Narrative the incremental users who download the app once a month, where Narrative will ingest & enhance the new users with age & gender.

Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform creates automated processes for acquiring & sending data, allowing Gaming App X to send new data to Narrative to be enhanced and then passed back to the client all through one system.

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