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Building an Identity Graph


Many companies are seeking an identity resolution to create more impactful targeting & analytics of their users, but often struggle to execute this themselves, leading them to rely on third party solutions.

Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform allows companies & brands to own & control their identity graphs by evaluating & executing against the right suppliers who provide them data based on their explicit criteria, all in one marketplace.

Client Challenges

Building one's own ID resolution - connecting first-party identifiers to individual profiles at a scale this is consistent and accurate - is an extremely complicated and labor-some process. To do this themselves, the client needs to augment their first-party identity graphs with third-party data sources and identifiers that allow them to better activate the data. This requires data science resources and contracts & licenses across multiple data providers.

For brands who cannot execute their own graph, they choose to leverage a third-party solution, which has its own limitations. The brand does not own the underlying data and often has limited visibility into user-level analytics which results in an inability to optimize & analyze at a deeper level. Brand's put a lot of trust into the matching methodology of the vendor they use with a low level of transparency.

The Narrative Advantage

With Narrative, brands can build a proprietary identity graph according to their specific business needs, strategies, and goals. With full control and ownership of their ID graphs—and the data and linkages that underlie them—brands reduce risk, eliminate costly licensing fees, and gain the ability to build fully attributable, measurable, and actionable marketing strategies across the full customer experience.

Brands can choose from a variety of ID Mapping suppliers in Narrative's Marketplace, based on factors like connectivity & match rates that best fit their needs. By using Narrative, brands do not have to fret over logistics like multiple supplier contracts with different pricing & payment agreements, valuable engineering & data science resources, and overall transparency.

Narrative centralizes suppliers with standard schemas, handles all processing, matching, & deduplication of data, and provides industry leading transparency every step of the way. Additionally, by using standard schemas, Narrative can quickly & easily work with suppliers that the brand has a current relationship with, allowing customers to expand on their ID graph outside of the suppliers in Narrative.

Use Case

DSP-X has agreed to partner with Narrative to power their data strategy. With limited data science resources, Narrative is providing the technology & data to help DSP-X to build out a proprietary ID graph.

  1. DSP-X identified 6 suppliers in Narrative's Marketplace they want to work it, all available under one contract with Narrative
  2. Narrative handles the buying rules & execution - deduplication process, formatting, delivery
  3. Purchase raw linkages in a variety of forms through standard schemas
    1. Cookie<>HEM
    2. HEM<>MAID
    3. Cookie<>HEM --> MAID
  4. Narrative continues to send incremental linkages month-over-month, allowing DSP-X to use fresh & updated data to make sure their ID Graph is always using the most valuable data

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