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What is CCPA?


In June 2018, California passed a new consumer privacy act (CCPA) which gives consumers the right to understand & control how their personal data is used by a business.

The law goes into effect on January 1st, 2020, at which time all companies that serve California residents, regardless of where they are located, fall under the CCPA.

Intentions of the Act

CCPA has provided California residents with control of their data, allowing them to:

  • Understand what personal data has been collected
  • Know if this data has been sold or disclosed and to which businesses
  • Say no to the sale of their data
  • Request deletion of their data from specific businesses

Affects on the Data Industry

With the introduction of CCPA, companies that operate using personal consumer data must comply with all individual user requests that opt out of having their data sold or collected from a business.

Businesses will have 30-days to act on the knowledge of opted-out users, ensuring their business and their client's take the necessary steps to all user data that has acted on behalf of the CCPA.

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