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Narrative is a Data Commerce Platform, NOT a data buyer or data supplier.

As a Data Commerce Platform, Narrative gives data buyers and data suppliers the ability to efficiently acquire and distribute datasets.

Narrative does NOT buy or sell its own data.

Instead, data suppliers use Narrative’s Platform to DISTRIBUTE DATA TO BUYERS , and data buyers use Narrative’s Platform to ACQUIRE DATA FROM SUPPLIERS.

Narrative gives buyers and suppliers complete control and transparency of exchange, and a powerful toolset for filtering, aggregation, transfer, and more.

Because Narrative is NOT a data buyer or data supplier, the structure of your business relationship with Narrative is dramatically different from what you or your legal team might have experienced in the past when entering into agreements directly with other data buyers or suppliers.

Boilerplate data purchase or sale contracts -- structured as direct transactions with the data buyer/supplier -- include terms that incorrectly describe your relationship with Narrative (a Data Commerce Platform). Relying on these direct transaction contract templates can lead to unnecessary complexity and confusion, since many terms need to be extensively rewritten or deleted.

To solve this problem, Narrative provides a contract framework that creates the optimal structure for all of our customers.

Benefits of Narrative Agreements

Narrative’s contract does two important things: (1) it gives you access to the Narrative Platform and marketplace, AND (2) it gives you a seamless way to directly and automatically contract with other data buyers or data suppliers through the standard Data Purchase Agreement, which is a direct buyer-supplier contract binding each data buyer and data supplier on the Narrative Platform to a common set of terms.  The Data Purchase Agreement is incorporated by reference in the Narrative MSA.

  • Data buyers get the necessary rights and remedies directly from the data supplier (i.e. reps and warranties about the data being purchased and indemnities).
  • Data suppliers get the necessary rights and remedies directly from the data buyer (i.e. reps and warranties about data use and indemnities).
  • This structure ensures that both data buyer and data supplier receive the necessary rights and remedies for data without the hassle of needing to sign a new agreement for every new transaction on the Narrative Platform.
  • Narrative — as a Data Commerce Platform — is the intermediary that ensures this structure is in place; but Narrative cannot take on certain responsibilities itself, since Narrative neither owns the data nor will use the data (except to facilitate transactions on the Platform).
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