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How do companies collect data?

Common Collection Methodologies


Most companies ask customers directly for data. When someone registers with a website a form is commonly required to be filled out. The company asks for an email address, name, and other demographics like age, gender, and potentially more.

Websites tracking via Cookies and Web Beacons

Websites are equipped with cookies and web beacons which enable companies to track browsing histories. Companies use cookies to know where customers have been on the web, what they’ve searched for, what websites they have visited, and more.

Email Tracking, Apps, and SDK's

Companies often use email tracking to learn that someone has opened an email, in what location and on what type of device. Similarly, apps are often embedded with SDK's supplied by third party data trackers that are used to source consumer data. This is the most common method for data collection when it comes to mobile devices and Digital Consumption data specifically.


Often times, companies also act as data aggregators. They might purchase or source consumer data from third-parties to then be sold to other third-parties.

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