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Narrative Pricing

Pay-as-you-go lets you use Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform with no up-front costs or minimum commitments.

Committed-Usage lets you lock in deeply discounted usage rates when you commit to a set amount of Platform Usage over a period of time.

Talk to our sales team about the usage rate discounts for Committed-Usage.

Service Fees

Transaction Services Fee25%varies
Professional Services$150/hrvaries

Processing is based on the bytes processed per month in the course of Client’s usage of Narrative’s Products and Services, including but not limited to: ingestion, evaluation, transactions on the Narrative Marketplace or private transactions, forecasting, and order management.

PAYG Processing for Data Transactions: Pay-as-you-go Processing Fees are waived for activity directly supporting data transactions where Client is offering data to be licensed or evaluated by a third-party, provided that the transaction (i) occurs or is expected by Narrative to occur within 90 days of such activity, and (ii) is subject to Transaction Services Fees. Narrative reserves the right to amend this waiver as necessary, limit activity to prevent possible harm to the platform, and apply Pay-as-you-go Fees to such activity if necessary, in which case Narrative will provide email notice at least 30 days in advance.

Transfer (Egress): Transfer is calculated as the volume of bytes per month transferred out of Client’s Narrative Account. Egress Transfer to Client-owned locations within AWS Region “us-east-1” (US East, N. Virginia) will not incur Transfer Fees.

Calculation of Usage: Processing and Transfer are calculated in binary gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB is 2³⁰ bytes. Similarly, 1 TB is 2⁴⁰ bytes, i.e. 1024 GBs.

The Transaction Services Fee (sometimes referred to as the "Data Transaction Fee") is a percentage of the Licensed Data Fees you transact, source or facilitate on the platform or via Narrative Services, including, without limitation, via any Connector App.

Narrative neither buys nor sells data. We provide software that powers commercial data transactions between companies.

Fees for the licensing of data ("Licensed Data Fees") and are set by and paid to Data Licensors through Narrative's software.

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