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What is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)?


Uniform resource identifiers (URI) provide a standard way to refer to an object. Common objects like web pages and mobile applications use URIs to provide an address that is universally understood within a given category of objects. It is important that within a given category (or domain space) URIs describe a unique object. Uniqueness is not guaranteed across categories.


Web Page:\_Page

iOS Mobile App: 553834731

Android Mobile App: com.king.candycrushsaga

Within Narrative

URI is a required attribute in the Digital Consumption data type. Digital consumption represents a digital behavior and the URI denotes where that behavior took place. For records collected via the web, the URI will be the full URL of the page where the behavior happened.Records that are collected via a mobile OS will have the app identifier provided by the OS's app store as the URI.

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