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Gender Data in Narrative


Gender is an important indicator of interests & needs and can be used to improve accuracy & refine targeting of creative and marketing messaging. Enriching ID lists with this data can increase the value of an existing customer base, providing more in-depth analytics and new ways to understand user behavior.

Within Narrative

Gender data is available through the Gender attribute when creating a quwery in Data Studio. Users can choose to enrich an existing ID list or buy new MAIDs with defined gender data.

With all data points in the marketplace available in their raw form, users get individual gender records at the ID level rather than being bucketed into a segment of Male or Female. This allows the data to be used in different applications as well as enriched with additional data points like digital consumption to further analyze users and build more robust profiles.


  • Mobile ID collection from registration / login events via a mobile SDK
  • Cookie collection from registration, login, or email view events in a browser

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