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What is Device Alias?


Device Alias provides details of a user's device, broken out into make, model, and operating system. Device Alias data is found in two data package types in the Narrative Platform - device characteristics & digital consumption data - and is found in both desktop & mobile environments.

This data is typically collected in a variety of scenarios, including through SDKs given user permission or Real-Time Bidding environments where this data is made accessible through programmatic auctions.


  • iPhone X, iOS 13.3.1
  • Pixel 3, Android 10.0
  • Samsung Galaxy, Android 10.0

Within Narrative

Device Alias is an optional data field in both Device Characteristics and Digital Consumption data types. This data can be effectively used to categorize user devices by make & model.

Users in the Narrative Platform can choose to include all available Device Alias data as part of the order or enter a specific example(s) of Device Alias to purchase only that type.

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