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Age Data in Narrative


Age data can be an effective tool in understanding user interests, behaviors, and how these things change over time. This data helps to understand the age of real or potential customer base and can contribute to improved predictive accuracy, targeting, and marketing messages. Customer ID lists can be enriched with age data to be used as an actionable source for media & analytics.

Within Narrative

No more age ranges. No more guesswork.

Narrative's approach to work with data in its raw form gives an inherent advantage to buyers & sellers over the all-too-common approach of age segments like 18-24 or 25-34. What happens when a company wants to target 25-29 year olds with separate messaging or provide analytics against 30-34 year olds? Traditional data platforms force buyers to use bucketed groups, with no ability to customize how they reach a subset of those users within a segment

In Narrative, user age data is stored individually, allowing ID lists of MAIDs or Hashed Emails to be enriched with unique values assigned to each ID.

Buyers can still use age ranges to define the boundaries of their order - i.e. buy all age data between 21-45 against an ID Datas - but each ID will have its own value:

  • Maid_1; 25
  • Maid_2; 42
  • HEM_1; 21
  • HEM_2; 38

With a source of truth against each ID, companies can more effectively use this data by creating their own segments, targeting individual ages with more personalized messaging, and perform richer analytics at the most granular level.


  • Mobile ID collection from registration / login events via a mobile SDK
  • Cookie collection from registration, login, or email view events in a browser

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