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What is UID2?

UID2 represents a breakthrough in digital advertising, offering a unique user identifier that respects consumer privacy while enhancing targeting capabilities. Developed through the collaboration of the Identity Consortium, including key players like The Trade Desk (TTD) and other identity companies, UID2 serves as a cornerstone for linking disparate data sources securely and efficiently.

Understanding UID2

UID2 is designed to match and link data from various platforms without compromising user privacy, fostering an environment where advertisers can create a comprehensive audience view. This initiative is particularly crucial in today's multi-device digital landscape, where reaching audiences effectively across platforms is both a challenge and a necessity.

Key Features

  • Operator and Administrator Role: The Trade Desk plays a significant role as both an operator and administrator, but it's important to note that UID2 is a collective effort supported by the broader Identity Consortium.
  • Open-Source Framework: UID2 is built as an open-source, standalone solution with a unique namespace, ensuring transparency and privacy controls that align with local market requirements.

How Narrative Supports UID2

Narrative actively participates in this initiative by enabling automatic UID2 generation from data uploaded by users. Supported attributes include:

  • Hashed Email
  • SHA256 Hashed Email
  • Phone Number
  • SHA256 Hashed Phone Number

To generate a UID2, users simply need to deliver data including any of the above attributes via the TTD Connector on the Narrative platform. For detailed guidance, refer to How do I get started with the TTD 3P Connector App?

Additionally, if your data already contains UID2s or if you're capturing UID2s from advertising partners, the Narrative TTD Connector can process this data seamlessly, automatically mapping the UID2 field on your behalf.

Further Reading and Resources

For more information on UID2 and its impact on the advertising industry, visit The Trade Desk's UID2 Initiative.

To learn more about leveraging UID2s on the Narrative platform or to explore the capabilities of the TTD Connector, see What is the Narrative TTD Connector App?

UID2 not only represents a significant step forward in addressing privacy concerns but also ensures advertisers and platforms can engage with audiences more effectively, marking a new era in digital advertising.

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