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What is the Narrative TTD Connector?

The Narrative TTD (The Trade Desk) Connector App family enables Narrative users to generate audiences for advertisers and deliver those audiences to The Trade Desk’s marketing activation platform (DSP) easily and seamlessly, right from the Narrative UI.

One of the key benefits of the connectors is the ability to seamlessly convert data that is keyed off of PII (email, hashed email, phone numbers and hashed phone numbers) to a Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), making the data actionable within TTD. Other identifiers such as MAIDs and cookies are also deliverable, out of the box.

With TTD 1P and TTD 3P Connectors, data owners can easily slice and dice their data into valuable audiences, package those audiences up with a name, price and description, and deliver those audiences to any advertiser in TTD. Data buyers can accomplish the same - allowing any data purchased from Narrative’s marketplace to be seamlessly delivered to a TTD advertiser account.

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