Goodbye Brokers and Opaque Data Services – Hello Seamless, Secure Data Collaboration

Approximately 73% of B2B SaaS organizations report dissatisfaction with their data platforms.

This dissatisfaction stems primarily from integration challenges, inefficient processes, security concerns, subscription fatigue, and the complexity of managing multiple SaaS solutions simultaneously (Sources:First Page Sage, Clodura, OpenView).

Overall, the current ecosystem fails to support the sustainable and impactful use and management of data. Key issues include data silos, untrustworthy data brokers, opaque managed services, and disparate, unstandardized data. These factors leave organizations struggling not only to keep up but also to innovate and grow.

With decades of experience in building and innovating data, B2B, and SaaS platforms, the team at Narrative has identified a handful of core technologies needed to solve these problems. These technologies must be integrated into a single platform to ensure speed, ease of use, flexibility in use and pricing, and most importantly, security. Over the past six years, we have developed these technologies, and they are proving to be game changers.

Solving Big Data Challenges with Narrative's Core Technologies

Imagine you're a data analyst, scientist, engineer, product manager, or marketer faced with integrating multiple data sources, each in a different format. This task is time-consuming and prone to errors. Enter Narrative’s Rosetta Stone technology, which uses AI to automate data normalization. This patent-pending solution ensures all your data speaks the same language, allowing you to focus on extracting insights rather than cleaning data. Explore Automated Data Normalization

Once your data is normalized, the next step is making sense of it. Constructing complex queries can be daunting, especially if you're not a technical expert. This is where Narrative’s Query Builder comes in. With its no-code, point-and-click interface, creating sophisticated queries becomes straightforward and accessible, empowering you to manipulate data without needing to write code. Discover Query Builder

As you delve deeper into more complex use cases, you might find Query Builder or traditional SQL limiting. Narrative Query Language (NQL) extends SQL's capabilities, offering a more flexible and powerful tool designed for the unique demands of data collaboration. NQL simplifies extracting meaningful insights from your data, making it easier to drive informed decisions. Learn about NQL

Imagine automating repetitive tasks like creating taxonomies or building queries or audiences with ease. Rosetta, Narrative’s AI assistant, uses natural language processing to help you do just that. With Rosetta, even complex data operations become can be kicked off with a simple conversation, freeing up your time to focus on higher-level analysis. Meet Rosetta

Data security is a critical concern, especially when transferring data across platforms. Narrative Anywhere addresses this by allowing you to use Narrative’s technologies directly where your data resides. This reduces the need for data transfer, enhancing security and ensuring compliance, so your data remains protected. Learn about Narrative Anywhere

Finally, seamlessly integrating your data with external platforms can often be a bottleneck. Narrative's Connector Framework includes a suite of connectors that streamline data movement and integration, making it easier to activate your data across various systems without hassle. Explore the Connector Framework

When the Magic Happens

Massive efficiencies and synergy is unlocked when these technologies work together. Imagine having your data automatically normalized, then easily building complex queries with the Query Builder and NQL. Rosetta takes care of repetitive tasks, while Narrative Anywhere ensures your data stays secure. The Connector Framework makes integrating with other platforms a breeze. Together, these technologies create a cohesive and powerful data collaboration environment, making your job not just easier, but more impactful.

Any data type. Any industry.

Consider a marketing team using Narrative’s platform for identity resolution or DOOH campaigns. By providing a secure and transparent ecosystem, Narrative enables organizations to harness the full potential of their data for advanced analytics and strategic decision-making. But the platform’s capabilities extend far beyond marketing.

A Vision for Universal Data Solutions

Imagine the potential applications in healthcare, where precision medicine can be enhanced by seamlessly integrating patient data from various sources. In finance, fraud detection becomes more accurate with powerful data queries and real-time integration. Retailers can offer personalized shopping experiences, and manufacturers can optimize their supply chains. With Narrative, the possibilities are limitless.

Redefining the Data Industry

The data industry today is riddled with inefficiencies and lacks transparency. Many organizations still rely on shady data brokers and opaque managed services. Narrative aims to disrupt this status quo by promoting ethical data practices and empowering non-technical users. Our platform fosters a more open and accountable data ecosystem, challenging the dominance of outdated and unethical practices.

If you're ready to overcome the frustrations of your current data processes and unlock new possibilities, Narrative offers the tools and technologies to transform your approach to data collaboration. Explore how our platform can make a difference in your organization.

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