We are building the next-generation
platform for data acquisition,
monetization, management, and strategy creation that works across industries.

Whether you’re a growth marketer for a direct-to-consumer app or a data scientist at a Fortune 100 company, Narrative’s software will allow you to work with data in a more efficient way than ever before. What was once a tedious, opaque, and often wasteful process is now turn-key, secure, and radically transparent.
In a nutshell
  • We make it dead simple to buy and sell data.
  • We build software from the ground up with security in its foundation.
  • As the Switzerland of data, we do not buy, sell, or store data.
  • We are software, not a broker/DMP/CDP/insert your favorite acronym.
  • Our team consists of data, software, and marketing industry veterans.
  • Our investors are industry leaders and trusted strategic partners.
  • We are located in New York City.
  • We make fun of industry jargon in most of our meetings.
Office Location
Narrative is located in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan.
130 Madison Ave, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Join us as we navigate our way through uncharted territory and help as we create innovative solutions to big problems.

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