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Find, buy, and activate the exact data you need instantly.

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Instantly access raw data from 40+ data providers

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Buy data on your own terms

Your data strategy is unique; the data that fuels it should be too. By using the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace, you have complete control over the data you get: What it is, where it comes from, and how much of it you want.

  • No segments
  • À la carte data sets
  • Flexible payment structure
  • Fully transparent data sources

Execute in minutes, not months

With Narrative Data Streams Marketplace, you can experiment and change course easily. You’re not locked in to one data source, beholden to a contract, or stuck waiting for IT to integrate a new system.

  • 40+ data providers
  • 1 platform-level MSA
  • Engineer-free integrations
  • Fast data delivery
  • Omni-use licensing

“As marketers, we need to move with agility when it comes to acquiring data. It’s really impressive to see how Narrative has reimagined the purchasing of data with a simple, easy-to-use e-commerce buying platform. In the past, we’ve had issues with data providers regarding transparency, along with having a painstakingly long process in accessing the data. With Narrative’s Data Streams Marketplace, data transactions are transparent, quick, and cost-effective.”

Sabrina Galati
Marketing and Advertising Consultant at Tenx4

How it works

1. Find data streams

Browse thousands of data streams and choose the specific raw data for your project.

2. Set price and volume

Decide how much you’d like to spend per month or how much data volume you need access to.

3. Choose delivery

Select an endpoint for your data stream — whether that’s Facebook Ads audience or an Amazon S3 bucket.

4. Activate subscription

Complete your order and your data stream will be delivered automatically to your endpoint.

With Narrative Data Streams Marketplace...

Build truly custom audiences.

Define signal based on your specific criteria and definitions, not someone else’s.

Know where your data is coming from.

With fully transparent sources, you can be sure the data you purchase is reliable and compliant.

Do it yourself.

The easy-to-use interface means you don’t need to be a data engineer to find and use the data you need.

Stay on budget.

Buy as little or as much as you want—no outrageous minimums or long-term commitments.

Get started quickly.

Just set up an account and go—no need for IT.

Use the data as many places as you need.

With omni-use licenses, you pay only for the data, then activate it wherever you want.

Access the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace for free

Check it out! Browse the marketplace and buy the data you need instantly.

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