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What is customer enrichment?

Successful marketing depends on knowing who your customers are. With customer enrichment, you can access new information about your customers and use it to deliver more personal experiences throughout the customer journeys.

Refine segmentation and targeting

Append your customer profiles with additional attributes to build more precise segments and deliver more relevant and personal messaging.

Improve personalization

Refine targeting

Boost conversion rates

Reduce ad spend waste


Fuel analytics and insights

Find new, differentiated sources of information about your customers and their behavior to test hypotheses, build models, and enable unprecedented levels of insight generation.

Predict buying behavior

Model lifetime value

Create lookalike audiences

Perform competitive analysis


Enrich customer profiles with demographic and contextual information

age data type

Declared age from registrations and surveys

gender data type

Declared gender from registrations and surveys

digital consumption data type

Digital Consumption
Apps or websites associated with an identifier

device characteristics data type

Device Characteristics
Information associated with a device, such as carrier, service provider, and hardware

How it works

narrative acquire flow


Push your first-party data from your CDP, CRM, or DMP to Narrative's data streaming platform.


Find the precise data you need to power your data-driven initiative across an ecosystem of suppliers.

Analyze that data with fine-grained tools and controls to ensure it meets your specific criteria for accuracy and quality.

Buy only the data you need with automatic deduplication and flexible licensing.


Send enrichment data to all of the places you want to use it, no ETL or reformatting necessary.

Why Narrative


Buy data at the individual level based on your exact specifications.


Know exactly from where and how the data was collected.


Access new data types and supply as strategy and business conditions change.


Activate data instantly with automated negotiation, integration, and ETL.

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