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The only platform you will ever need for data

No matter what you're trying to do, Narrative's modular platform makes data work for you so that you can concentrate on more important things.

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For all kinds of use cases

Narrative is fast and flexible so we can change when you change. Check out some of our popular use cases below, or use the platform in a custom way.

Audience activation

Deliver your data to The Trade Desk for advertiser activation

Data clean room

Share data while keeping it safe and secure

Competitive intelligence

Better understand your customers and competitors

Data enrichment

Append your first party data with additional information

Identity resolution

Identify customers across touchpoints and devices

Data validation

Validate the accuracy of your consumer data

For all kinds of teams

Data touches the whole organization. By minimizing the need for technical expertise, Narrative's no-code platform eases pain points across the whole business.

Data engineering

Simplify data infrastructure

Data science

Spend less time cleaning data and more time analyzing it

Legal and compliance

Simplify data privacy compliance

Product management

Spark innovation with instantly-actionable data


Optimize engagement with better data

Business development

Centralize your relationships


Streamline data monetization

Business intelligence

Make better informed decisions

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