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Data sharing made easy

Narrative's data collaboration platform makes it fast and simple to share and access data across your organization and with external partners.

Speed and simplicity

With Narrative, anyone can share and access data—no coding skills required

A single solution for any data type

Narrative works with any and all types of data, enabling you to connect disparate datasets and uncover new insights

Built-in privacy controls

Narrative acts as a data clean room, making it easy to collaborate with data partners in a safe and secure environment

Connect and store

Break down data silos and get a unified view of your organization's data. With Narrative, all your data speaks the same language, making it easier to analyze and draw insights from your data.

Integrate your data

Upload your data in any format, and Narrative will automatically convert it into a standardized format, ensuring your data is always consistent and easy to work with, and making it easy to integrate with other datasets seamlessly.

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Warehouse your data

Narrative provides a secure and reliable way to store your data, so you don't have to worry about building your own infrastructure.

Bring your data catalog online

Easily create an accessible, organized inventory of your data assets to enable data users to browse your entire data catalog and discover new and relevant data products.

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Access and customize

Narrative’s platform makes it easy for anyone to discover and access the exact data they need, exactly when they need it, without coding or technical expertise.

Granular data access
With Narrative, it's easy to slice and dice even the largest datasets into countless subsets for their specific use cases—no code needed.

The world’s data at your fingertips
With Narrative, you can pull data from dozens of different suppliers just as easily as if it were all on the computer in your office.

Data on demand
No more waiting for other teams to process your requests. With Narrative, users can access data whenever they want, all on their own.


Process and deliver

With Narrative, data sharing happens in minutes, not days. Automate the tedious and time-consuming processing and delivery tasks, and free up your engineers’ time to focus on more important things.

Downstream integrations
Don’t worry about setting up and maintaining integrations. With Narrative, you can send your data directly to activation endpoints and data marketplaces with just a few clicks.

Run queries in minutes
With just a few clicks, you can see just how much data meets your specific criteria without needing to know SQL.

Eliminate ETL
Remove the burden of cumbersome extract, transform, and load (ETL) efforts.


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