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Narrative has all the tools you need to start generating a new revenue stream with minimal upfront investment

Generate new revenue streams

Start making money from the data you already collect without relying on internal technical resources

Sell everywhere your customers are

Extend your reach by making your data available in numerous sales channels with just a few clicks

Grow without limits

Never worry about outgrowing your platform

Quick setup

Start selling in days

From standardizing schemas to integrating with customer endpoints, selling data comes with many challenges you may not be expecting. Narrative offers a turnkey solution that removes many of these early stage barriers.

Get started quickly
Selling data with Narrative is so simple that you can be up in running in less than a day.

An all-in-one data commerce solution
Narrative handles warehousing, processing, and delivery, saving you valuable time and financial investment.

Customization and control

Sell data your way

Selling data doesn’t mean you have to lose control of it. With Narrative, you’re in charge of how your data is sold.

Private deals and blacklists
Access rules let you control who can purchase your data, what they can purchase, and the terms of purchase.

Stay on-brand
Create a custom online data marketplace that reflects your brand, showcases your data catalog, and makes it easy for customers to find and buy the data they need

Streamlined management and maintenance

Become a lean, mean, data-selling machine

Easy-to-use tools and time-saving automations mean you can run your data business without a team of specialists

No-code tools
Normalize and standardize datasets, create new data products, build and run a custom online data marketplace, and integrate with sales channels and downstream endpoints—all without technical expertise.

Automated workflows
We take care of data delivery so your customers get the data they need where and when they need it without you having to lift a finger.


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