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Manage your
data business

Easy-to-use tools and time-saving automations to help you run a more efficient data business

Manage in one place

Centralize every part of your data business on one platform

Shorten sales cycles

Query, process, and deliver data in minutes—not days or weeks

Scale your business

Don't let resource intensiveness prevent you from pursuing opportunities

No-code tools

Give your engineers a break. You got this.

With Narrative’s no-code tools and workflows, you can run your data business without relying on an army of engineers to manage operations.

Create new data products
Seller Studio lets you take even the largest, most unwieldy datasets and slice and dice them into unique data products that meet your customers’ specific requirements.

Work seamlessly with downstream endpoints
With Connectors you can make your data available and accessible in the places your customers are already looking for and using data, in just a few clicks.

Streamline sales
Set up and run an e-commerce storefront for your data to make it easy for your customers to find, buy, and receive the data they need anytime, anywhere, without you having to lift a finger.


Make speed your competitive advantage

Automate the manual tasks that slow down sales cycles and divert your engineers from their real work.

  • Ingest, normalize, and connect new data to existing datasets in real time
  • Run queries on your entire data catalog in seconds
  • Deliver data to customers without lifting a finger
Access rules

Sell your data without giving up control of it

Access rules give you complete control over how your data is used and sold, ensuring that you get the most value from your data.

  • Run private deals with specific companies
  • Exclude your competitors to prevent them from accessing your data
  • Offer bulk discounts for customers buying large amounts of data
  • Set a higher price for records that contain more valuable information

Run a more efficient data business

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