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Grow your
data business

Promote and sell your data on multiple sales channels all from within Narrative.

Run your business from a single place

Promote and sell on sales channels while Narrative automatically handles data delivery

Reach new customers

Get your data in front of high-intent customers who are looking for what you’re selling

Boost your sales

Streamline the buying process to reduce friction, improve satisfaction, and keep customers coming back for more

Sales channels

Sell where your
customers already are

Promote and sell your data on multiple sales channels all from within Narrative.

Grow your audience
Reach new customers by making your data available in data marketplaces where customers are already looking for it.

Easy integrations
Built-in integrations save you time and money by eliminating the need for your data engineers to integrate, maintain, and manage numerous connections themselves.

Centralize operations
Keep track of your products, automate delivery, and manage customer permissions all from a single place.

Self-serve sales

Sell how your
customers want to buy

We buy everything else online. Why not data too? Create a custom online data marketplace that makes it easy for your customers to find and purchase your data products all on their own.

Speed up sales cycles
Your online data shop is always on, meaning customers can buy data when they want, wherever they are, without needing to go through a sales person or wait for engineering to process a request.

Happy customers
With automated order fulfillment and delivery, customers get their data in minutes, not days. Satisfied customers increase the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

Lower costs
Self-service sales save time and money by reducing the number of employees and resources needed to complete a sale.


Sell where your
customers search

Built-in SEO features help attract high-intent customers searching for the data you’re selling.

Increase traffic for free
Automatically generate landing pages for your data products that Google can index and serve in relevant search results.

Rank on top
Improve organic search rankings by providing detailed descriptions of your data products in Narrative.

Optimized for search engines
Technical SEO, such as sitemap generation, canonical tags, and mobile optimization, are taken care of automatically.


Sell faster. Sell better. Sell more.

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