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Monetize your data the easy way

Narrative's data collaboration platform has everything you need to start, manage, and grow your data business.

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There's an untapped source of revenue sitting under your nose

Businesses are hungry for data, and are willing to pay for it.


size of data monetization
market in 2022


annual increase in market size
over next 5 years


Making money from
your data shouldn’t
be so difficult

You don’t need hundreds of days to start a data business, an army of engineers and developers to support it, or millions of dollars to run it.

There's an easier way.

Lower total cost of ownership

Cut costs without cutting corners

Avoid the high costs of setting up and maintaining your own data infrastructure and integrations. With Narrative, you can run your entire data business with a small, nimble team.

Narrative takes care of the heavy lifting

Speed and simplicity

Get more done in less time

Automate the repetitive, manual tasks that slow you down. We’ve simplified even the most complex processes so that anyone can do them with almost no tech know-how or coding required.

Create new data products with a few clicks

Send data to downstream endpoints

Deliver data to customers instantly

Join data across systems without custom engineering

Rosetta Stone translates your data into a universal language so you can do more in less time.

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More sales

Grow your audience, boost your sales

Get your data in front of more buyers. Promote and sell your data on multiple sales channels to reach new buyers and increase sales, all from within Narrative.

Security and compliance

Protect your data

Compliance and privacy need to be at the forefront of any data strategy. We help you to be diligent, compliant, and nimble in a quickly evolving environment.

Process, distribute, and acknowledge opt-out and right to be forgotten requests

Choose the buyers that you want to work with based on their regulatory approach

Narrative acts as a clean room, ensuring sensitive information never leaks


Everything you need to run a data business. All in one place.

Applications and automations designed for every aspect of your business's needs.

Seller Studio

Seller Studio

This is where the magic happens. Create custom data products, set prices, access rules, and licensing terms, and run reports and forecasts, all in one place.

Data Shops

Data Shops

Create a custom-branded data marketplace that makes it easy for your customers to find and purchase your data products via a familiar e-commerce experience.


Dataset Manager

Your time is valuable—don’t waste it wrangling and formatting data. Just upload your data, and Dataset Manager will infer schemas, generate metadata, and standardize your datasets automatically.



Reach even more customers by promoting and selling your data on multiple sales channels, all from within Narrative.



Narrative streamlines data delivery so your customers get the data they need where and when they need it—and you don’t have to lift a finger.

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