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Narrative for data sales

Streamline data monetization

As someone tasked with making money for your company, you know that your data is a gold mine. Getting it out of the ground and into the hands of your customers has always been the problem. Narrative offers you a turn-key data monetization solution that gets you in-market faster.

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How Narrative helps data sales teams

Simplified management

  • Manage all of your commercial terms in one place.
  • Daily reporting lets you measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

Flexible packaging

  • A simple user interface that lets you create custom data packages to fit your customers needs and get the deal done.

Eliminate opportunity cost

  • Be less reliant on your engineering team to execute on new deals
  • Signature to execution in hours not weeks

Revenue reporting

  • Get daily line of sight into how your month + quarter are shaping up

Powerful pricing

  • Support for various pricing models (fix monthly rate, cost per observation, etc.).
  • Price simulations ensure a coherent pricing strategy.

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