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Narrative for marketers

Maximize engagement with better data

As a growth marketer, it’s all about acquiring customers that will stick around. The best way to achieve that goal is by layering data into your strategy, but ROI positive data is hard to come by. Narrative helps you find and access high quality signal at scale to grow your customer base.

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How Narrative helps Growth Marketers

Better understand your competitors

  • Paint a clear picture of your competitive landscape.
  • Conquest those users across your paid marketing channels.

Flexible licensing

  • Leverage licensed data for planning, activation, and measurement.
  • Buy once and use everywhere allows you to amortize the cost of the data across all of your channels.

Turn-key integrations

  • Social
  • Google / Amazon
  • Programmatic
  • DMPs / CDPs
  • In-house tools

Optimize over time

  • Setup custom strategies via an intuitive UI.
  • Shorten the window between idea and data access.
  • No long term commitments minimizes the risk in data exploration.

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